Monday, December 15, 2014

New Apartment

Letter from December 15

we traded apartments this week. the last one smelled like smoke because the house beneath was like a meth house or lots of pot or something. but the new house is really nice. I like it a lot. for the first time on my mission I have a washer and dryer though! I have never been so excited to do laundry before! so that is cool. and warm. because I have multiple choices now. we also live right next to the church so we can ball it up! and light it up!
we had a member bring someone to church this week. that was the first time we meet him. his name is bill. he is super solid. on date. I like him.

we had a hard time finding this week. so that stinks. I think that batman is the best
the mission is asking us to read the book of mormon. obviously. but we started nov. 26 and need to finish before christmas. we are highling faith in green and atonemen/christ in red. and it is a killer. it takes so much time to highlight that much and read in so little time. ouch.
I dont know about baby pictures. hopefully you photoshopped a t rex in or something cool like that. and I am holding a pineapple.
well love ya mom. more than superplumfaires... or sugarplumfaires

Author Fame in Kansas at a Baptism

Letter from December 8

yeah, I almost died. as soon as we started to drive away my comp was like "I thought we were gonna die." and I had to agree there. 

we went down to Wellington for baptisms on saturday. three of elder de jongs were getting baptized and we got to go back. so that was kinda cool. my last companion is in wellington right now so I got to see him. during the baptism the bishop gave a little talk and mentioned how the world was changing. lots of bad stuff going on. how the world needs more positive influence. then he said "and I now have a book in my library written by elder daines' mom." and then talked about how we need good mormon authors. good influences. is was kinda awkward and nice at the same time. a little earlier I was talking to him a little bit and he said that you have a gift more making people become interested in your characters. and people are drawn to them and thats not a gift many people have. so great work!

no investos came to church again this week. I don';t know what we did wrong. but this week we will try to do some finding and start over. so that is our plan this week. 

I mostly cleaned up the egg. but I left lamar beach so I don't have to worry about it right now :) 

I ripped my khakis. I need a sowing machine so I can fix them. 

my suit jackets are good. just the pants took same terminal damage. I named one of them my samurai pants because they bellow and blow in the wind. and I feel cool. and with the pants could we go a little smaller waist size :) that way they fit better and they encourage me to lose more weight. and could you send me maybe one pair of golf pants. those are pretty good. some stretchy cool colored golf pants. like blue or that shiny silverish color. 

I went to texas roadhouse and ate a lot of rolls! since I have been spanish again and eating a but ton of bread based foods I have gained 5 pounds since I've been here. :(

I know jesus is my saviour. I am gratefull to be out serving him and inviting others to experience the joy that comes from him. #HeistheGift. by the way if you don't share that video and print the picture and write on it and share that also I will be really disappointed. . send a picture of your stuff also 

and that is my letter! love you more than most mormon authors. I say most because your a mormon author and I didn't want to say mormon authors in general and confuse you. it doesn't work that well but I do love you! 

Back to Spanish

Letter from December 1

Sweet. Well thiis was an awesome week! Almost caught a possum, ripped a pair of pants last week I think. And am spanish. So that is awesome. And so is Keaton

It is interesting being spanish again. I don't know much spanish. niether does my comp Elder Keaton de Jong. So we are trying. But it is super awesome here! The possum ran under a house so I couldnt chase it. In the spanish after the english sacrament we had about 13 people. Including the missionaries. So it is great!!  

I really want to baptize a family this transfer!! like the Chavez or the Santos families. or both. Please pray for that! 

Anyways we gotta bounce. enjoy . then #sharethegift . just do it. it is what the cool people do!


elder brady daines