Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Most Beautiful Letter So Far

This week happened. And it happened quick. Things just flew right by. My companion goes home in about 9 days. So... I am thinking of a lot of things. But it is going good. He is going home for his second time. The first time was for his knee. He had surgery.  He said that when he came out, guess how many people outside his family wanted him to go? None. He left anyways. He had to go home. Guess how many people wanted him to come back out of his friends? None. He came back out anyways. He has been a missionary since October 2011. He is happy he came out. 

The mission is the best choice I have made in my life. I will never regret this decision. While things might be hard, or I am missing all the chill new movies. Like Oblivion, I still haven't seen that. I have rubbed a PS4, but that is the closer I have gotten. I am missing this stuff, but I would not trade this for a second. 

One of the la's [less actives] in this ward served a mission in Boston. He didn't like that much, and I pity him. I feel so bad he didn't come out. Not whole heartedly. He had his weapons of rebellion, and he didn't let them go. He missed out and he will never be able to get that back. A member of the 70s was in his home last week and he still doesn't come to church. I wish I could let him redo that. I am so sorry that he did not serve to the best of his ability. 

I am so glad I am out here and serving. And remembering why Jacob [Osborn, our back door neighbor now serving in Chile] did not come back home. I will quote some of him: 

"When you see the peoples lives, broken; shattered; nothing left but a sad , shattered spirit, clinging to his addiction... something changes. You suddenly realize that there is something more important than scoring a Pentakill with Katarina, you feel something deep within, a certain sense of duty to help that poor broken man, huddled in the corner. and you don't have to ask yourself, 'how can I help him?' because the answer is clear. In moments like this it becomes glaringly, blindingly obvious that the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel that we have lived in our entire lives, is the answer to all of life's problems. No matter who you are, what you've done, or what you think you want to do, the message that we have heals. And when you get to that state, you realize that there is not a single more selfish act in the entire world than going home from your mission early." 

I testify to that. This is awesome. I know that this message really does heal. This week elder Bednar did a devo for the YSA ward and afterwards something happened to one of our new recent converts. She was baptized in November, but long story short she told us not to come over anymore. She is done with the church. She is making one of the biggest mistakes. She has known the truth and has a testimony, but the way she is coping with this problem is no bueno. Her name is Rachel and I feel so bad for her. I pray she will make it back someday. 

I know that this church is true. I know that it will heal and rescue people. When they put in some effort they can change and feel the love that the savior has for them. I am so sorry for the people who do not partake of this delicious fruit and will never know just how awesome it is to "have Jesus." 

Many people say that but they don't know really what it means. I know that he is my savior. And I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to know this. And that I am a missionary for my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. This is a little sacrifice. I am so eternally grateful I am here. I urge everyone to come out that can. 

My trainer came out late and he loved his mission. He gave up two simple years and will never regret it. Neither will my current companion. The book of mormon is true and people who refuse to read it because they are "too kool" or some other pathetic excuse are missing out on everything. Everything we have comes from our loving Heavenly Father and I am willing to make this "sacrifice" because I love him. I put sacrifice in quotations because it is not a sacrifice. It is a blessing to come out here.

Elder Daines, tu hijo

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandfather Clocks and Lots of Unexplainable Pictures

Awesome possum! This week was chill like unto Willy the Penguin. That is a Night at the Museum reference. At least I think it is from that show.

But the highlight of the week was probably when we were driving around Wichita! get ready for a story!!!

                "Come gather round! Bring your young and your old and listen to this campfire story. The C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song. It will help if you just sing along!

One day as we journeyed in the cold, probably around 6 degrees not counting wind chill, and hope was slim, we were freezing and couldn't last much longer. So we took a left and walked into the apartment complex whose sidewalk we were walking on for dinner and to warm up. 

So we made it! We ate a dinner, talked a lot about funny stories and broken bones. But afterwords it gets awesome! We walked out and, hold to your pants, saw a grandfather clock at the dumpster! We ran over and stuffed it in our cruz! We had to lay down the seats, move shotgun up all the way, and lean it forward and it barley made it! I had to sit in the back. This puppy was bigger than me. Far as the eye could see. Like zoinks! 

So after we put that in our car we proceeded to start drifting around Wichita! We got sideways (drifting) all over the place. This...this huge clock! After we made it home about 50 minutes later, should be about a 15 minute ride straight home, we carried it up to our apartment. 

It doesn't actually tell the time but we put my K-state clock up in that joint! So now we have a grandfather clock! Moral of the story, if you see something on the side of the road, especially in a big city, pick it up and take it home with you. There will never be any bad consequences. So next time make the smart choice and pick up the garbage." 

I asked our old neighbor to narrate that for me.

So that was super awesome! We now have quite the timepiece in our apartment! It makes me happy.

Also one of our investigators has been sick and so we bought him a card! it says get well soon! You're one of the only normal people we know! And it has a penguin looking at a bunch of other super weird penguins. One is wearing a cowboy hat, another is suntanning in whity tightys. Cool like unto a dish!

I am a big fan of D&C section 68 because it talks about missionary work! And I'm a missionary!! But I crossed off the name Orson Hyde or something like that and wrote my name. So I think that's pretty awesome. I felt cool. 

I think it is funny also that Dublin fell over. I love that puppy so much! Dubby puppy! She is an awesome dog! You guys should be so thankful you got her. Lots of dogs can get annoying but we got an awesome dog! 

Anyways if you have questions call

[Brady and some investigators from his Spanish area.]

[No wonder he asked for more allergy medication.]

[I don't know what this is, but it's creepy!]

[He has some kind of possum obsession...]

[They made Hawaiian Haystacks. "It was so good!"]

[The "Grand" prize]

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spanish Speaking Splits

Well this week has past. Not muched happened. One of my favorite days was when we did service with a member and she gave us a bunch of free stuff! So that was awesome. 

This morning for pday some other missionaries came over and we made a delicious breakfast of bacon pancakes and eggs. I loved it. 

We went on exchanges this week and I was with Elder Jensen in their Spanish area. They cover the Wichita Stake and we talked to a lot of people that was fun! I miss working in Spanish. I can't talk that well so I feel bad because since I have been in english most of my mission my Spanish is bad, and I want to go spanish to get better but it will be sad because I won't be able to talk so my comp will have to do all the work. So it is quite a problem. But anyways we went trackting once and in 4 houses three opened. Two only spoke Spanish and we got return appointments! One wasn't interested.

I was thinking this week and I decided I don't ever want to be a district leader or anything. I might just follow my father's (trainers) footsteps and decline if they ask me. There is nothing about being one that I would like to do. 

This weeks letter was one of my favorites. I really liked all the quotes. And I turned on underline not on purpose and I don't want to fix the last sentence so there you have. I wish that I had some awesome stories or something for you. best I got is Sunday was my 3rd stake conference since I left and Elder Snow of the 70 spoke. And on the 7th Elder Ballard is coming to our mission so that will be awesome!! I am so excited! I feel bad because this is a boring letter sorry team... l

Love you though!
I love you more than hippos love me.

Brady's Emergency Transfer (Letter from February 17)

This week was loco! You want to hear about my new area and comp? Well I will tell you! My area is Valley Center (northern Wichita) and my comp is Elder Henriod! That's right I got E.T.ed!! (Emergency transfered) because Elder Heppler had to go home... but it is awesome here! Other than that, everything else is the same. Unfortunatly no awesome stories. 

But one of our LA families has two great danes! Elder Henriod said you will meet your kind here. Then I saw the dogs. Then I laughed. Ha. Good one bud. This week I got the valentines package and it was rad! Super Rad!

In Which Brady Gets Stuck in the Snow--for 5 Hours (Letter from February 10)

Alright challenge time!! I, Elder Daines, Hereby declare a Lord of the Rings quote contest! The person who uses the most Lord of the Rings quotes this week wins! There we go challenge initiated.

I am in Wellington with Elder Johnson, the apartment is a little messy but it gets the job done. The shower is nasty. Wellington is like burlington but bigger. In burlington we covered a bunch of little towns a ways away from each other. Here we cover bigger towns farther away from each other!

Bigger but not better. So far it seems like the Burlington branch was more active with their missionary work than this ward. The branch also had higher attendence than this ward. About 35 people on sunday. So I felt right at home in a small number of people. But Johnson is cool. He is super knowledgable about church stuff and scriptures. Also very obedient. Hopefully we get along well.

I HAVe to re-get used to this keyboard again. One of the many missionary problems. I keep turning capslock on. I am getting tired of having to turn it off and on again.

And obviously the primary loved Thorin. I love Thorin! He is the best! He can make anyone snuggle. How is grandma doing by the way?

Well not much happened this week other than transfers. And getting stuck in the snow for 5 hours. That is right, 5 hours. I got my dps (driving privileges) and two days later tried off-roading in the cruz. We made it pretty far to get to our investigators house. But we got stuck. We had snow shovles and dug our way out and tried to turn around. We got stuck again and tried to dig ourselves out and we did. And kept turning around. And right when we thought we were home free we got stuck again. We tried to dig ourselves out and it didnt work so we waited. Eventually the tow truck came and got us! After we left it was about 8:50 when we got unstuck. We first got stuck about 3:30. It was awful.

That about raps up this week! Love ya'll!