Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandfather Clocks and Lots of Unexplainable Pictures

Awesome possum! This week was chill like unto Willy the Penguin. That is a Night at the Museum reference. At least I think it is from that show.

But the highlight of the week was probably when we were driving around Wichita! get ready for a story!!!

                "Come gather round! Bring your young and your old and listen to this campfire story. The C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G song. It will help if you just sing along!

One day as we journeyed in the cold, probably around 6 degrees not counting wind chill, and hope was slim, we were freezing and couldn't last much longer. So we took a left and walked into the apartment complex whose sidewalk we were walking on for dinner and to warm up. 

So we made it! We ate a dinner, talked a lot about funny stories and broken bones. But afterwords it gets awesome! We walked out and, hold to your pants, saw a grandfather clock at the dumpster! We ran over and stuffed it in our cruz! We had to lay down the seats, move shotgun up all the way, and lean it forward and it barley made it! I had to sit in the back. This puppy was bigger than me. Far as the eye could see. Like zoinks! 

So after we put that in our car we proceeded to start drifting around Wichita! We got sideways (drifting) all over the place. This...this huge clock! After we made it home about 50 minutes later, should be about a 15 minute ride straight home, we carried it up to our apartment. 

It doesn't actually tell the time but we put my K-state clock up in that joint! So now we have a grandfather clock! Moral of the story, if you see something on the side of the road, especially in a big city, pick it up and take it home with you. There will never be any bad consequences. So next time make the smart choice and pick up the garbage." 

I asked our old neighbor to narrate that for me.

So that was super awesome! We now have quite the timepiece in our apartment! It makes me happy.

Also one of our investigators has been sick and so we bought him a card! it says get well soon! You're one of the only normal people we know! And it has a penguin looking at a bunch of other super weird penguins. One is wearing a cowboy hat, another is suntanning in whity tightys. Cool like unto a dish!

I am a big fan of D&C section 68 because it talks about missionary work! And I'm a missionary!! But I crossed off the name Orson Hyde or something like that and wrote my name. So I think that's pretty awesome. I felt cool. 

I think it is funny also that Dublin fell over. I love that puppy so much! Dubby puppy! She is an awesome dog! You guys should be so thankful you got her. Lots of dogs can get annoying but we got an awesome dog! 

Anyways if you have questions call

[Brady and some investigators from his Spanish area.]

[No wonder he asked for more allergy medication.]

[I don't know what this is, but it's creepy!]

[He has some kind of possum obsession...]

[They made Hawaiian Haystacks. "It was so good!"]

[The "Grand" prize]

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