Monday, March 3, 2014

Spanish Speaking Splits

Well this week has past. Not muched happened. One of my favorite days was when we did service with a member and she gave us a bunch of free stuff! So that was awesome. 

This morning for pday some other missionaries came over and we made a delicious breakfast of bacon pancakes and eggs. I loved it. 

We went on exchanges this week and I was with Elder Jensen in their Spanish area. They cover the Wichita Stake and we talked to a lot of people that was fun! I miss working in Spanish. I can't talk that well so I feel bad because since I have been in english most of my mission my Spanish is bad, and I want to go spanish to get better but it will be sad because I won't be able to talk so my comp will have to do all the work. So it is quite a problem. But anyways we went trackting once and in 4 houses three opened. Two only spoke Spanish and we got return appointments! One wasn't interested.

I was thinking this week and I decided I don't ever want to be a district leader or anything. I might just follow my father's (trainers) footsteps and decline if they ask me. There is nothing about being one that I would like to do. 

This weeks letter was one of my favorites. I really liked all the quotes. And I turned on underline not on purpose and I don't want to fix the last sentence so there you have. I wish that I had some awesome stories or something for you. best I got is Sunday was my 3rd stake conference since I left and Elder Snow of the 70 spoke. And on the 7th Elder Ballard is coming to our mission so that will be awesome!! I am so excited! I feel bad because this is a boring letter sorry team... l

Love you though!
I love you more than hippos love me.

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