Monday, March 3, 2014

In Which Brady Gets Stuck in the Snow--for 5 Hours (Letter from February 10)

Alright challenge time!! I, Elder Daines, Hereby declare a Lord of the Rings quote contest! The person who uses the most Lord of the Rings quotes this week wins! There we go challenge initiated.

I am in Wellington with Elder Johnson, the apartment is a little messy but it gets the job done. The shower is nasty. Wellington is like burlington but bigger. In burlington we covered a bunch of little towns a ways away from each other. Here we cover bigger towns farther away from each other!

Bigger but not better. So far it seems like the Burlington branch was more active with their missionary work than this ward. The branch also had higher attendence than this ward. About 35 people on sunday. So I felt right at home in a small number of people. But Johnson is cool. He is super knowledgable about church stuff and scriptures. Also very obedient. Hopefully we get along well.

I HAVe to re-get used to this keyboard again. One of the many missionary problems. I keep turning capslock on. I am getting tired of having to turn it off and on again.

And obviously the primary loved Thorin. I love Thorin! He is the best! He can make anyone snuggle. How is grandma doing by the way?

Well not much happened this week other than transfers. And getting stuck in the snow for 5 hours. That is right, 5 hours. I got my dps (driving privileges) and two days later tried off-roading in the cruz. We made it pretty far to get to our investigators house. But we got stuck. We had snow shovles and dug our way out and tried to turn around. We got stuck again and tried to dig ourselves out and we did. And kept turning around. And right when we thought we were home free we got stuck again. We tried to dig ourselves out and it didnt work so we waited. Eventually the tow truck came and got us! After we left it was about 8:50 when we got unstuck. We first got stuck about 3:30. It was awful.

That about raps up this week! Love ya'll!

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