Monday, January 27, 2014

Mum's the Word on the Super Bowl

I learned this week that Lindsey Stirling served a mission in NYC. pretty cool huh! But this week was good. Housetons are gold like unto the plates. They came to church again. We had 10 investigators there this week, 9 last week. But thanks for the packages. I bet he will like them! When I was with him he got his first package in his mission--from his uncle in Texas for his birthday, so I think he will like it a lot!

Where is Nick going! That is pretty cool! I hope he loves it, if he works hard he will.
Not much happened this week. Someone backed up into their own mailbox when we were accross the street. Talked to a traveling therapist about how in Australia there are 9 women to 1 man, so they do a lot more down there. Try to keep with them. Talked about how that would be nice. He had a fat dog that traveled the world with, his name was Marco Polo. I thought that was really funny!!

The Housetons feel the spirit so strongly during sacrement. It is cool! They are fun

And that is about all there is! Sorry this is kind of boring one....

But this is very important!!! IF THE SEAHAWKS LOSE THE SUPERBOWL, I AM TO RECIEVE ZERO INFO ABOUT IT!! IF ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT, I WILL NOT REPLY TO YOU!! I will however accept funny commercials from it. Please do that.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Serious Missionary Work Going On in Kansas (And he wants more letters)

I guess I will just share some miracles with you this time. First, in Gridley we went tracting and came into a family. Totally prepared out the wazooo. They have such a strong testimony in eternal families. Their son died December 12, 2013, so they are super interested in eternal families. They agreed to be baptized, but not to a date, because the whole family wasn't there so we didn't date them up. Five of them came to church this week. The atonement is already making a big difference in their lives, bringing them closer to Christ.

Another, and alcoholic. His name is Chad Tuttle. He is awesome. He has been meeting with  members for 12 years, talking about the church, and trying to get him to come. He is Catholic, and we stopped by and his grandma is going to die soon. I gave him Alma chapter 17 or 16. where Amulek testifies about eternal life. He almost came to church this week. He was planning on it, but his wife, an in-active member, didn't want to go. He really felt the spirit and it touched his heart.

Another, we went up to Gridley with Branch Pres. Stewart. We visited one person, named Jerry Snyder. We talked about church and instantly saw that something was wrong. Pres. Stewart noticed it and hit the concern right on. In a few seconds, he testified about the importance of church and how even if something offended him (the concern) he should still come and feel the spirit and sit there and pray. He felt the spirit strongly there and it was obviously affecting him. 

I got my haircut. Last week after emailing, so there ya go. Anyways, I was reading how to keep the sabbath day holy, and I came across this:

"We should consider righteous things we can do on the sabbath. For example we can keep the Sabbath Day holy by attending church meetings, reading the scriptures and the words of our church leaders; visiting the sick, the aged, and our loved ones; listening to uplifting music and singing hymns; praying to our heavenly father with praise and thanksgiving; performing church service; preparing family history records and personal histories; telling faith promoting stories and bearing our testimony to family members and sharing spiritual experiences with them; writing letters to missionaries and loved ones; fasting with a purpose; and sharing time with children and other in the home."

I was thinking and from now on and I ,Elder Daines, will hereby reply to every carta, or letter. Physically. That is right, If I know your address, I will write back! So please include return address on the carta, or letter, and send it to the mission office, which my mom will post the address right here:

Elder Brady Daines
Kansas Wichita Mission
7011 E. 13th St. North
Wichita KS 67206-1219

I know Christ is my savior and redeemer. I have seen it affect so many people, myself included, it has to be real. I love serving a mission and wouldn't be anywhere else. The church is true and we have been blessed with a knowledge of this and need to share it with others. That is the best way to pay forward the blessings that Christ has given us.

Con amor, tu hijo, elder Daines.

Monday, January 6, 2014

All About Road Kill (Warning: gruesome pictures.)

Well another week come and passed, the innocent can never last.

But this week was pretty good. I tracted almost all of one of our little "cities" that we cover in about 3 hours. So... we have a bunch of little things like that. And I did get your package. thanks so much!! I live with the Hazletts and they are awesome!! I love them. They are pretty funny. 

Other than tracting, we put two more people on date! However their mom wasn't present so she didnt get to feel the wonderful spirit during fast and testimony meeting, especially when her two kids went up and shared theirs. So she called and we talked for about 15 minutes on the phone while she told me she didnt think her kids were ready for such a big commitment. Please pray for them. Estan los Ivies..

Other than that not much. I destroyed someone in pokemon with the deck Stuart sent me. It was like 6-1. Pretty quick. So yeah, super awesome huh.

I am however really wanting to go serve in spanish again. it has been a while since I have actually talked to someone in spanish. Other than that, my week was usual. However tonight we have dinner with a la and her nonmember bf. 

Elder Butterfield, Brady's friend in Minnesota.

More of Elder Butterfield.

I helped pin this up this week.
That is our investigators house, the Ivies. It's roadkill deer.