Monday, January 6, 2014

All About Road Kill (Warning: gruesome pictures.)

Well another week come and passed, the innocent can never last.

But this week was pretty good. I tracted almost all of one of our little "cities" that we cover in about 3 hours. So... we have a bunch of little things like that. And I did get your package. thanks so much!! I live with the Hazletts and they are awesome!! I love them. They are pretty funny. 

Other than tracting, we put two more people on date! However their mom wasn't present so she didnt get to feel the wonderful spirit during fast and testimony meeting, especially when her two kids went up and shared theirs. So she called and we talked for about 15 minutes on the phone while she told me she didnt think her kids were ready for such a big commitment. Please pray for them. Estan los Ivies..

Other than that not much. I destroyed someone in pokemon with the deck Stuart sent me. It was like 6-1. Pretty quick. So yeah, super awesome huh.

I am however really wanting to go serve in spanish again. it has been a while since I have actually talked to someone in spanish. Other than that, my week was usual. However tonight we have dinner with a la and her nonmember bf. 

Elder Butterfield, Brady's friend in Minnesota.

More of Elder Butterfield.

I helped pin this up this week.
That is our investigators house, the Ivies. It's roadkill deer.

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