Monday, June 30, 2014

Spider Bite! WARNING: This post is not for the faint hearted

Ya, last week i ran out of time.... Bummer. I had less than an hour. So ya that stank. I didn't get to email dad cause it kicked me off. sorry dad. but ya I got a bite.  

I noticed it monday night. and but tuesday it was this. the black sharpie is the outline of the infection. it is hard to see in the camera

next day it was this, that is one day later.

here it is draining this morning

also this one

and that is my bug bite :) enjoy

and other than that, not much happened. I was on the couch a lot of the time, I couldn't really walk, whenever I did, it was really slow and funky looking. and having to go to the bathroom during the night was the worst. it hadn't moved for a while, so when I would stand up it would hurt really bad, then the blood would rush to it. and it would hurt even worse.... muy malo. 

[Side note from mom: he did go to the doctor with this. I know because I got a call from the doctor's office asking for insurance information.]

Isaac is going to get baptized soon! this saturday!! how exciting is that? he is wonderful! he is Jamaican from england! wow! I am excited for him!! It reminds me of about a month ago, when Cheryl was baptized!! that was so great!! ya, and they just took elders out of valley center, so hopefully things keep going well there. 

anyways, love you tons!! more than spiders!! and cellulitis infection!

First Week in New Area (Letter from June 23)

Well this week has come and passed. I say that a lot. It happens a lot.

Anyways I hope you have a great day cleaning. I have some cleaning to do. but this week was fun. I bought an organ for our apartment :) yep, 5 dollar organ from goodwill! it works pretty well, only a few keys dont work but it is electric so we dont have to pump it. and it has two rows of keys, foot keys, and all sorts of cool effects you can use!! how cool is that!! for only 5 bucks!! score one for the republic!! man, it is weird being back in Emporia. it is a little nostalgic. it makes me miss my friends that I was with last time. 

The work is going good here though so far. I have been enjoying it. we do biking every other week. and car every other other week. so ya. not much to say here. Isaac is on date for this saturday. he is a little iffy though. I think he can make. he is ready. he just really needs to be on board for it. he knows he needs to be baptized and is just working on a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon. I dont have much time so, ya, enjoy this wonderful letter! love you all! fun pictures you sent. covey looks like a mountain man. 

love you more than a mountain man!!

TRANSFERRED! (Letter from June 19)

ah man! I am really going to miss those huckleberry shakes.... 

Well I got transfered. I am in Emporia. Which is just outside Burlington. Emporia is the main town here and Burlington is 30 minutes away. I spent two or three days a week in Emporia, so this is kinda like going back to my second area. It is really weird. I dont like it too much! I am really missing the missionaries I was with here last time. Like Elder Owens, and Elder Bird, and Elder Godfrey. and Sister Tycz and Sister Harston. That was a really fun group! At pizza ranch, a pizza buffet, Elder Owens and I and Sister Tycz would quote Spondgebob to each other the whole time. I am feeling a little nostalgic here, in case you didnt notice. :) 

Valley Center was a great area! I am going to miss it... it was super hard to say good bye to the Oliphants which are one of the best families ever. They are wonderful! Grace, one of their daughters, made me this little picture thing, which picture I will include in this email. She also asked me and Sister Tycz to write our names on their pantry door and favorite scriptures. We were the ones leaving so we got to do it! She also just started that tradition so right now, we are the only people on that door. super awesome. I can send a picture of that also. Also lynnde the 5 year old that I was with during the skype, she drew me a picture! so that is hanging up next to my study area also. I will send a picture of us with her picture also. also a picture of the whole gang! 

my new comp is Landroche, he is going to go work in the office in about 3 or 4 weeks. so I am going to have to take over the area in a few weeks. wow. I only have a little to learn the ward and area and investigators. That is going to be hard. He is also the district leader, so they will have to bring in another district leader afterwards. Man cray cray. Also I got a cologne at the dollar store for fun. But man, I am really missing some of my good friends out here... :(

Uneventful Week - except for roadkill armadillos (Letter from June 9)

ya this week was good! ya my companion gave a talk. it was good. we hit standard again. that is good. it was kinda a boring week. sorry team

that is good about Brooke [a girl in our home ward who just returned from a mission in Texas]! I bet her talk was wonderful. there are so many miracles on a mission and it appears she noticed them and was able to make more through her work and faith like you said! congrats to her from me!  

we saw a roadkill armadillo yesterday! so of course I took a photo for y'all! coming up please enjoy!! [The roadkill picture didn't really come through very well, sorry]

I remember them easy days of summer. well i dont get that anymore. just normal days now.

I am pretty much just stringing together a bunch of random sentences for this letter.

this was a pretty uneventful week.

we have dinner tonight with the Barushocks tonight. 

we have dinner tomorrow with the Oliphants! they are lots of fun that is whose house I was at when I skyped. 

I hope you guys have a good week!

love y'all!

and I love you mom more than food

A Baptism is Scheduled (Letter from June 2)

Man, England was so fun! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone there! and I hope you are enjoying it also!

Well I am writing today because the library was closed on Monday. So here I am. but monday was awesome. we didnt have to email on that day so we went to a members house, the Mocks, and did our laundry and played cards and farkle with brother mock for about 3 hours. then we went to the sisters house with their members and played pokemon, a horse game, and scum for the rest of the time. it was so fun! also not much has happened cool stories wise. sorry team. but the hutch sisters moved yesterday so we helped them move, and our sisters are moving tomorrow so we are going to help with that again!!

Good news!! Cheryl is getting baptized on saturday!! this is my third! and saturday will be such a wonderful day for her! it is wonderful to see how happy people are when they follow the commandments and serve others and the lord! and now because Cheryl kept her commitments, reads the scriptures and comes to chruch, she will be able to experience one of the happiest things this saturday the 31st.

I am on exchanges with Elder Banderas. he is from equador. not mexico. if you call him mexican he gets so mad! he will want to punch you and hit you. and wrestle you! so you better well walk softly stranger. but he is so fun! I love him a lot! and he speaks spanish. so i can sorta talk to him in spanish. I have really bad spanish.

well I hope you guys have fun in england. party hardy! love you!

Our District

Brady gets a head cold (Letter from May 19)

Well this week I am not feeling so great. It is like a cold. Dang man. I feel bad for my comp I probably woke him up a few times in the night. Cause I woke up and had to fix my nose. It is sorta like sleep apnea but instead of me stopping to breath I get snot logged and can't breath. So then I snort and choke and all that stuff till the snot wall leaves and I can breath again. Hooray! Lucky him!

One person named cheryl is on date and she rocks! I love her so much!! She has been to church twice and we only need to teach 4 more doctrinal points before she is baptized on the 31st!! This will be my third baptism. Angelina Rodriguez, Kristi Jennings, are the other two! A mission is the best thing ever!

And other than that stuff everything is about the same. I got a letter from Aunt(cousin) Ratto! And what the heck mom! She said you were behind on my blogs! Dont you know that this should be your monday night routine! Get jacob to do his homework, family home evening, pray for Elder Daines, pray for the missionaries in his area (Sisters Tycz and Howell, and Elder Olson), pray for the missionaries in his district (Elders Sweeton and Banderas, and Sisters Prince and Hymas), pray for his zone leaders (Elders Moyle and Mckellar), pray for the aps (Elders Stopper and Page), pray for President Bell! and update the blog!! Have you been falling out of routine mom?

Anyways that is about it. Love y'all so much! I like the last three versus in D&C 122 a lot!

elder daines

there apparently was an argument going on in a neighborhood, so someone painted this on his house! haha