Monday, June 30, 2014

First Week in New Area (Letter from June 23)

Well this week has come and passed. I say that a lot. It happens a lot.

Anyways I hope you have a great day cleaning. I have some cleaning to do. but this week was fun. I bought an organ for our apartment :) yep, 5 dollar organ from goodwill! it works pretty well, only a few keys dont work but it is electric so we dont have to pump it. and it has two rows of keys, foot keys, and all sorts of cool effects you can use!! how cool is that!! for only 5 bucks!! score one for the republic!! man, it is weird being back in Emporia. it is a little nostalgic. it makes me miss my friends that I was with last time. 

The work is going good here though so far. I have been enjoying it. we do biking every other week. and car every other other week. so ya. not much to say here. Isaac is on date for this saturday. he is a little iffy though. I think he can make. he is ready. he just really needs to be on board for it. he knows he needs to be baptized and is just working on a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon. I dont have much time so, ya, enjoy this wonderful letter! love you all! fun pictures you sent. covey looks like a mountain man. 

love you more than a mountain man!!

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