Monday, June 30, 2014

TRANSFERRED! (Letter from June 19)

ah man! I am really going to miss those huckleberry shakes.... 

Well I got transfered. I am in Emporia. Which is just outside Burlington. Emporia is the main town here and Burlington is 30 minutes away. I spent two or three days a week in Emporia, so this is kinda like going back to my second area. It is really weird. I dont like it too much! I am really missing the missionaries I was with here last time. Like Elder Owens, and Elder Bird, and Elder Godfrey. and Sister Tycz and Sister Harston. That was a really fun group! At pizza ranch, a pizza buffet, Elder Owens and I and Sister Tycz would quote Spondgebob to each other the whole time. I am feeling a little nostalgic here, in case you didnt notice. :) 

Valley Center was a great area! I am going to miss it... it was super hard to say good bye to the Oliphants which are one of the best families ever. They are wonderful! Grace, one of their daughters, made me this little picture thing, which picture I will include in this email. She also asked me and Sister Tycz to write our names on their pantry door and favorite scriptures. We were the ones leaving so we got to do it! She also just started that tradition so right now, we are the only people on that door. super awesome. I can send a picture of that also. Also lynnde the 5 year old that I was with during the skype, she drew me a picture! so that is hanging up next to my study area also. I will send a picture of us with her picture also. also a picture of the whole gang! 

my new comp is Landroche, he is going to go work in the office in about 3 or 4 weeks. so I am going to have to take over the area in a few weeks. wow. I only have a little to learn the ward and area and investigators. That is going to be hard. He is also the district leader, so they will have to bring in another district leader afterwards. Man cray cray. Also I got a cologne at the dollar store for fun. But man, I am really missing some of my good friends out here... :(

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