Monday, June 30, 2014

Brady gets a head cold (Letter from May 19)

Well this week I am not feeling so great. It is like a cold. Dang man. I feel bad for my comp I probably woke him up a few times in the night. Cause I woke up and had to fix my nose. It is sorta like sleep apnea but instead of me stopping to breath I get snot logged and can't breath. So then I snort and choke and all that stuff till the snot wall leaves and I can breath again. Hooray! Lucky him!

One person named cheryl is on date and she rocks! I love her so much!! She has been to church twice and we only need to teach 4 more doctrinal points before she is baptized on the 31st!! This will be my third baptism. Angelina Rodriguez, Kristi Jennings, are the other two! A mission is the best thing ever!

And other than that stuff everything is about the same. I got a letter from Aunt(cousin) Ratto! And what the heck mom! She said you were behind on my blogs! Dont you know that this should be your monday night routine! Get jacob to do his homework, family home evening, pray for Elder Daines, pray for the missionaries in his area (Sisters Tycz and Howell, and Elder Olson), pray for the missionaries in his district (Elders Sweeton and Banderas, and Sisters Prince and Hymas), pray for his zone leaders (Elders Moyle and Mckellar), pray for the aps (Elders Stopper and Page), pray for President Bell! and update the blog!! Have you been falling out of routine mom?

Anyways that is about it. Love y'all so much! I like the last three versus in D&C 122 a lot!

elder daines

there apparently was an argument going on in a neighborhood, so someone painted this on his house! haha

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