Monday, May 12, 2014

Roadside Assistance (Letter from May 12)

[Some of this is in response to things we talked about Skyping on Mother's Day] 

I got pretty good at throwing pokemon cards also! I have torn cards when they hit the wall because of the sheer velocity of awesome I throw them! That was up in Burlington. I havent thrown a good card for a while. I need to make sure and practice some more.  

And also I covered just about everything in Skype yesterday, so not much else. But the Oliphants are awesome!! They are a less active part member family!! So ya, it was kinda awkward talking about people we are working with because they are who we are working with:)  But they are doing awesome!! They came to church last week and this one! and Lindie was wonderful during the skype call!! Sorta like Thorin! Except she is cuter! What! I cant believe I just said that.....

Last night someone who was rolling on their spare tire had an oopsy next to the highway. It came off. Oops. So we went to go help, but we werent needed. The sisters found them first and called us. And we went and one of the officers decided just to call a tow truck because the bolts were locked onto the tires so the spare wouldnt have any bolts and would have fallen off again....

Well that is about it. Sorry. 

Love you mucho! 

How Brady and his companion decorated their apartment with stuff they found lying around the city, including the grandfather clock they found on the curb.

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