Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Hot, Yo. (Letter from May 5)

This week what happened.... it gets kinda hard to remember all the time. Well on Wednesday night the APs called us up and were like yo, Eldas, let us go with y'all tomorrow!!  So we be like aiight. Tight yo, whats happenin'? And then they said not a thing bra. We just wanna work with y'all! So we be all tiiiiiight broskiis! So we spent the Thursday afternoon trackting with the APs. I went with Page, and Olson went with Stopper. That was lots of fun! I love trackting a lot, I am just really bad at it so it was nice to go with someone who knows what they are doing pretty well! I loved it! 

Then we went back and had dinner at the Mocks, these awesome members (they gave me a knife :) I was so happy!!!!! I loved it much! it is a small fold up knife but looks slick. It is a classy knife). And we had an investigator over for dinner also! Her name is Cheryl! She is their daughter's step mother. And she also came to church on sunday, and she is awesome!! I love her a lot! She is really cool! Please pray for her!

Saturday we did about 4 hours of trackting with me Elder Olson together! Loved it! But it was hot! We got one new, and a lot of potentials to follow up with!! 

Someone once asked me if it is hot right now... well it snowed last week. Yesterday, I took a picture of the car thermometer at 109 degrees. So yeah, it gets hot. We did the 4 hours of trackting in 100 degrees! I really wish I brought out more short sleeve and less long sleeve.

Love you tons!! More than hot weather!!

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