Monday, May 12, 2014

La oruga muy hambrienta (Letter from April 28)

Well, Easter was yesterday. I hope you all watched that Because of Him video that the church made for it. If you have not, go do it now before finishing this letter! (mom, please insert link here: , thanks) Wow! Isn't that a wonderful video! So powerful yet short! Christ is the best, and that is a good video showing how awesome he really is! It takes 2:45 minutes, but it freakin' rocks my boat!

Well Easter was yesterday. I hope you all had  a really great day! I did! We had lots of less actives show up! It was wonderful and 3 investigators! I loved it! Unfortunately it is kinda hard to talk to people on Easter, so we didn't get much done. The sisters are living with some members so we went over there at night and died some eggs together! (haha get it? it's funny cause the egg gets dead) It was lots of fun! 

We did some good biking this week and found about 4 new investigators! That was awesome! And I have to give another talk on Sunday, at least this one is only 5-10 minutes!! So much shorter than the others. And it is English so that is also nice! wont have to read the story of the hungry Caterpillar again, and try to translate it into Spanish, a foreign language! So that makes me happy!

And other than that, nothing really happened this week, bummer! But have a good one! love y'all!

I love you more than humidity! 

con amor Elder Daines

Dying Easter Eggs

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