Monday, May 12, 2014

Flaming Tea Bags (Letter from April 14)

Wowzers ma! You always have some awesome story to tell! Or some sick object lesson. Here is a good one. You light a tea bag on fire and it flies! What!! Apostasia! Go ahead, try it, I wanna see the gleaming lanterns fly! 

I think I talked about GC last week but it was awesome, but not as awesome as french toast (sorry grandpa, I won't make that mistake again!:)  
this week we did a Easter activity! The sisters did a lot of work for it, and Sister Rucker and Bro Spencer! A lot of people helped, but those were the main who did a lot of work for it! But it was awesome! We had about 4 non members show up and about 60 members! it was lots of fun! I really enjoyed it! 

We watched some videos in front of the baptismal font about the savior, then we went to the chapel and watched a few about the Atonement, then we went outside and wrote something we are thankful for and tied them to a balloon. And let 'em go. But this is Kansas. And it is windy. So the balloons went almost sideways! Ha! They got caught a lot in our neighbors trees, oops... sorry guys! It was really funny.

Also remember how I crashed my bike the other day after it got caught on my comps watch? Well this week I was riding and one of our members who is about 12 shouted, don't go playing with watches again! it was reallyl funny. I had to explain it to my comp, but it was really funny!

We also went to the temple on Tuesday! Once a transfer one zone goes to the temple, and I got lucky so I went in jan. And now! To the kansas city missouri one and to the Oklahoma one! I am so grateful for the temples! I really love going to the temples! 

But other than that, this week was pretty normal. save for the garage sales... I guess it is the annual city wide garage sale day this weekend. I saw so many freaking garage sales everywhere, So, so many, I have never seen so much junk all over the road! And I got a sick tie for a buck!

Have a great week team! love y'all! 

Love, Elder Daines

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