Monday, April 7, 2014

Yep, You Guessed It. Ripped His Pants ... Again


Well this week has happened! Yay! I dont know why, but last week I forgot to tell you that I crashed on my bike... oops! But I ripped open my last pair of machine washable pants. That is right. I am all out of normal pants again. No girl is ever going to want to dance with me! (That is a spongebob reference.) We were riding our bikes and I was stupid and rode too close to my comp. My handlebar got caught in is watch. It undid his watch and my wheel got crooked and I went down, skinned both knees, ripping my pants in the process, road rash on my arm and slight wounds on my palms. But it was fun!  

General Conference was awesome also. We got to watch all four sessions this time! (Last time I missed sat aft. and priesthood.) But this time I got them all in! And I loved it! T. Monsons was sublime! I really like his, Eyring, and Holland! We got some investigators and less actives to watch it also so was awesome!

This area is pretty good, the hard thing is new investigators! We did about 6 hours of trackting and got 2. So we are working on finding some new investigators! And like I said last week, I really like the Hudson Lights cd! So much fun! Something new! 

Anyways, other than that stuff not much happened! One family has two Great Danes so that is kinda cool. They are my kindred! get it? I am Elder Daines, they are Danes! lol. That was funny. I am chuckling inside but not outside because I am in a library and I have to be respectful! But Love ya and have a great week!

I love you more than I love french toast! -Elder Daines

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