Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Package Success! (Letter from March 31)

One family, the Housetons, had a son who died so we were talking with them about sharing the gospel with their dead son and about baptisms for the dead! It is so awesome how that works!  The gospel is so perfect!

And thanks so much for the birthday package I really liked it! It was awesome and the gps is so useful! My comp had a tom tom but it fell and broke so we didn't have a gps so we didn't know how to get to a lot of people. I really appreciate it! It is really nice too! And I also like the music! New music is always so nice, I get to listen to the same things over and over so any new one is so nice! A whole new set to listen to! It really means a lot to me! After church someone signed up to feed us that night so that was cool, I wasn't going to get fed that day but someone signed up for that night instead of any of the other open days when they would have been able to have some time to know but they signed up for that night so it made me really happy, they are the Ruckers! They are so helpful!

We also did about 5 hours of tackting this week. It is kinda hard to get new investigators here so in that 5 hours we only got 2 new investigators! Sooooo those days are kinda long and hard! But one family, the K-pats, or the Kirkpatricks, are doing pretty well, the wife is a member and we have been working with them a little I really like them, they are lots of fun!

And sorry but other than that stuff this week was really normal! One member, Brother Watkins, he is pretty cool, has lots of guns and gave me a cold steel magazine, so I looked through that a little. And that ends this boring letter sorry team :)  But I really liked the pictures of Christ in that package, lots of fun! I have already given a few away, so they are awesome! I love them so much, the Greg Olson ones that aren't the Child of God ones, those are them that I like. Y creo que eso es todo!

Con amor elder Daines

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