Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter from March 24th. New Companion. Birthday Package Excitement.

Well I got your birhtday package about 11 days before my birthday! So lets hope it can make it that far un opened! :) And I guess i don't really have much to say to the ward. Just the book of mormon is the best. It will calm everyone (including Jacob). 

My new companion is Elder Olson! He has served in Abilene for 6 months and this is his second area. So it is exciting! Abilene has about 7,000 people there. It is kinda funny because when I was getting trained I worked in Abilene also for Spanish! so that is cool! I worked some of the members there that are in the spanish branch and he also worked with them!

But this has been kind of a sad week. Elder Henriod went home because he finished his mission. So I am missing him a lot, he was lots of fun! I loved him. Another one of my friends out here is going home. Not because he finished his mission but because it is one of the hardest things to do and lots of other stuff. I feel so sad he will not be able to finish. He is missing out. I am grateful I am out here! It is the best thing ever! 

Well I am excited for my birthday on the 30th because I can know what is in the package! I am really curious....

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