Monday, December 15, 2014

New Apartment

Letter from December 15

we traded apartments this week. the last one smelled like smoke because the house beneath was like a meth house or lots of pot or something. but the new house is really nice. I like it a lot. for the first time on my mission I have a washer and dryer though! I have never been so excited to do laundry before! so that is cool. and warm. because I have multiple choices now. we also live right next to the church so we can ball it up! and light it up!
we had a member bring someone to church this week. that was the first time we meet him. his name is bill. he is super solid. on date. I like him.

we had a hard time finding this week. so that stinks. I think that batman is the best
the mission is asking us to read the book of mormon. obviously. but we started nov. 26 and need to finish before christmas. we are highling faith in green and atonemen/christ in red. and it is a killer. it takes so much time to highlight that much and read in so little time. ouch.
I dont know about baby pictures. hopefully you photoshopped a t rex in or something cool like that. and I am holding a pineapple.
well love ya mom. more than superplumfaires... or sugarplumfaires

Author Fame in Kansas at a Baptism

Letter from December 8

yeah, I almost died. as soon as we started to drive away my comp was like "I thought we were gonna die." and I had to agree there. 

we went down to Wellington for baptisms on saturday. three of elder de jongs were getting baptized and we got to go back. so that was kinda cool. my last companion is in wellington right now so I got to see him. during the baptism the bishop gave a little talk and mentioned how the world was changing. lots of bad stuff going on. how the world needs more positive influence. then he said "and I now have a book in my library written by elder daines' mom." and then talked about how we need good mormon authors. good influences. is was kinda awkward and nice at the same time. a little earlier I was talking to him a little bit and he said that you have a gift more making people become interested in your characters. and people are drawn to them and thats not a gift many people have. so great work!

no investos came to church again this week. I don';t know what we did wrong. but this week we will try to do some finding and start over. so that is our plan this week. 

I mostly cleaned up the egg. but I left lamar beach so I don't have to worry about it right now :) 

I ripped my khakis. I need a sowing machine so I can fix them. 

my suit jackets are good. just the pants took same terminal damage. I named one of them my samurai pants because they bellow and blow in the wind. and I feel cool. and with the pants could we go a little smaller waist size :) that way they fit better and they encourage me to lose more weight. and could you send me maybe one pair of golf pants. those are pretty good. some stretchy cool colored golf pants. like blue or that shiny silverish color. 

I went to texas roadhouse and ate a lot of rolls! since I have been spanish again and eating a but ton of bread based foods I have gained 5 pounds since I've been here. :(

I know jesus is my saviour. I am gratefull to be out serving him and inviting others to experience the joy that comes from him. #HeistheGift. by the way if you don't share that video and print the picture and write on it and share that also I will be really disappointed. . send a picture of your stuff also 

and that is my letter! love you more than most mormon authors. I say most because your a mormon author and I didn't want to say mormon authors in general and confuse you. it doesn't work that well but I do love you! 

Back to Spanish

Letter from December 1

Sweet. Well thiis was an awesome week! Almost caught a possum, ripped a pair of pants last week I think. And am spanish. So that is awesome. And so is Keaton

It is interesting being spanish again. I don't know much spanish. niether does my comp Elder Keaton de Jong. So we are trying. But it is super awesome here! The possum ran under a house so I couldnt chase it. In the spanish after the english sacrament we had about 13 people. Including the missionaries. So it is great!!  

I really want to baptize a family this transfer!! like the Chavez or the Santos families. or both. Please pray for that! 

Anyways we gotta bounce. enjoy . then #sharethegift . just do it. it is what the cool people do!


elder brady daines

Friday, November 21, 2014

Palm Reading and Egg Disasters

Yes, Bo was baptized!! it was super awesome! it was at 1 oclock! it was super awesome! the Maestas came to the baptism, and it was really good! She came to church again also! for the primary program, and she gave up coffee so she is pretty solid. I love them a lot! I baptized Bo and my comp gave him the ghost on sunday! he is a funny guy! I really like them, the whole family! it was a really good day! 
Sweet. We had a member of the 70 come friday! Elder Schwitzer! it was super cool, he talked about the Book of Mormon, the baptismal invite, and Jesus Christ! I loved it a lot. he is pretty cool! I loved it, it was in Great Bend Kansas!
A psychic also read my palm yesterday. for fun. a few things he mentioned were that I was going to go to alaska and save someones life, and that would inspire me to go into the medical field. also that I will marry a hot eskimo girl! I like that part. some of my ancestry is from the celtic barbarians, that is where I get my height from. he also can look into the past. and into his past lifes. one of them, was during the titan war. when the titans were fighting the elves men and the giant turtles were helping us so the titans were also killing them. giant turtles like in avatar. and he thought it was a dream, then he realized it was a vision that he was having where he was on one of those turtles and learning martial arts from an asian elf. it was pretty cool! he also said my wings were beautiful and I am gifted with preminitions. oh, he also said that there are several girls in the church that have a crush on me. so that was cool!
I am so happy to be a missionary. it is the dopest of the dope. and there is a lot of dope in colorado. but this is the real dope, it brings lasting happiness, not just the "chocolate high." or actual high. I know that this is the true church, if it wasn't "the missionaries would have destroyed it a long time ago." and I can testify that is true, I am not a very smart person, but God is,
and he answers prayers and loves his childen! and that is also why he blessed us with families. to strengthen us and help us.

I didn't want to boil an egg, but I wanted to eat a hard one, so I decided to microwave it. I wrapped it in towels, but it didn't help.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All he wants for Christmas...

The past two weeks fall came and went. It went from 80 to cold. this Wednesday it is going to be about 25 degrees. Bienvenidos a Kansas. or Colorado I guess. 

You said I hope they are feasting on the words of Christ, and that is something that Kenney said. That he just wants more and more of it. and he came to church the past few weeks in a row! super cool, and his wife came and his son has come twice! super chill. his wife and son are on date for the 29th. she said she believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and in the book of Mormon. but I am nervous she will want to know more and more about the church before she gets baptized. so that is what I am a little concerned about. please pray for her to have confidence and such and great faith.

Bo Neal will be baptized on Saturday. please pray that all will go well. I love that family and Kenney and Jessicas family a lot. they are really cool! Bo lives in Holly which is about a 30 minute drive to church and they have come a few times and got Bo a new outfit for his baptism! I will be doing the dunking again so that is cool. I am excited. 

Time goes too fast. and that is the end of my letter. oh one more thing, I want to let you know before it is too late, hopefully it is not already to late, but I don't really want anything for Christmas. I don't have room for anything in my suitcase. and I don't want candy or treats cause I am trying to loose weight. maybe just two or three ties, like the jon ashton or landend, and one grizzly bear tie, and that is it. I don't need/want anything really but I figure you want to send something so the ties will be just fine. :) my bike is working great, my gps is awesome! my pants are not ripped. and I am a little fat, so no treats :) sorry.

I love you more than Christmas madre.
con amor, elder daines, brady daines

He's Teaching and Working Hard

Letter from November 3 

I realized this morning. I only have 4.5 transfers left. so that makes me sad. 

Pres Bell came to church with us on sunday. all the way out in colorado. 

Bo Neal will be baptized soon That is super cool. his family lives 30 mins away from Lamar and they were less active but have been starting to return. that is awesome! and Kenny and his family are really awesome! they gave us some of the best ground beef! fresh, grass raised. it tastes so good! and that family are some of the most reliable people I have meet. if they say they will do something they will. and he is paralyzed from the upper chest down. and that is why we wear seatbelts.

I am missing emporia and the ward a bit. they were so willing to help and go out with us. and I was friends with pretty much everyone there. I knew their names and they would talk to me more. it is pretty different here. there are some really cool families that I have meet so far. like the millers are one in particular. we visit them about twice a week. they have two nonmembers living with them and one will get baptized very soon! so that is cool. and when I say I am missing them a bit, I really mean a lot. 

I don't have much else to say sorry. Halloween I dressed up as a white belt for dinner. I got one in VC from a less active part member family. they talk us a bit. and I wore it into dinner, then took it off pretty quickly because it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world.

I appreciate all the letters you guys send! and I love y'all and hope you have a really good day!!

love you more than lamar beach

New Area: Burlington Colorado

From October 13

the new area is great. I am out west finally. you should tell wes and maddie to come down on team-ups with me! I don't know what the rules are on that but it sounds good to me. I really like my comp so far! he is very musically inclinded and plays the guitar alot! we are working on expanding our teaching pool which normally is a big focus at the beginning of the transfers. but I have enjoyed my comp a lot so far! I have been eating wheat toast with peanut butter and eggs for lunch and dinner almost everytime. because I don't have a very big budget and I am eating less so I am loosing weight! yay!

[This is a picture of Albert, the man Brady taught and converted, but Brady was transferred a few days before his baptism.]