Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All he wants for Christmas...

The past two weeks fall came and went. It went from 80 to cold. this Wednesday it is going to be about 25 degrees. Bienvenidos a Kansas. or Colorado I guess. 

You said I hope they are feasting on the words of Christ, and that is something that Kenney said. That he just wants more and more of it. and he came to church the past few weeks in a row! super cool, and his wife came and his son has come twice! super chill. his wife and son are on date for the 29th. she said she believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and in the book of Mormon. but I am nervous she will want to know more and more about the church before she gets baptized. so that is what I am a little concerned about. please pray for her to have confidence and such and great faith.

Bo Neal will be baptized on Saturday. please pray that all will go well. I love that family and Kenney and Jessicas family a lot. they are really cool! Bo lives in Holly which is about a 30 minute drive to church and they have come a few times and got Bo a new outfit for his baptism! I will be doing the dunking again so that is cool. I am excited. 

Time goes too fast. and that is the end of my letter. oh one more thing, I want to let you know before it is too late, hopefully it is not already to late, but I don't really want anything for Christmas. I don't have room for anything in my suitcase. and I don't want candy or treats cause I am trying to loose weight. maybe just two or three ties, like the jon ashton or landend, and one grizzly bear tie, and that is it. I don't need/want anything really but I figure you want to send something so the ties will be just fine. :) my bike is working great, my gps is awesome! my pants are not ripped. and I am a little fat, so no treats :) sorry.

I love you more than Christmas madre.
con amor, elder daines, brady daines

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