Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letter September 2

Letter from September 2

So I got this idea from another missionary and that is take notes on what  you can send home in your planner so you can flip through and see what you have to say! So I did that a little! and I don't have my planner with me! yay!  So we will spit ball again! So first my comp is dl and he had a meeting in topeka for 3 hours. So me and someone else went to wallmart for 3 hours and talked to people about The Gospel. That was fun! 

We have someone named cody that we teach. He is super awesome! He is on date for this saturday and he is worthy and able. Been keeping W.O.W. for two weeks. married. been to church 3 times. But we might push it back a week. to make sure he is serious enough about it and understands that commitment. So we might have a bap this saturday. please pray for him. 

my companion is Elder Myers from draper Utah. I love him a lot and he is a good worker! We have this one man that we just started to work with his name is Dave.  

I freaking love it out here on the mission. best place ever! "with the sun beating down, yes I'm [in kansas]. and there's nowhere else that I'd rather be!" that is from brother bear.

it is getting colder again so that is cool. I like it like that. and I like it how I like it.

anyways thus concludes this weeks letter! and I love you more than this letter!


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