Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Turtles in the Road (Caution: contains graphic images)

Letter from September 9

I am going to be honest. I don't like emailing that much. by the time I get here I have now idea what to say. 

this week was good. we are teaching our bud Albert. he is so fun! he is in his 60s and adores my companion! he also adores his preacher! so we are working on getting him to choose the right. he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and believes the book of mormon. but doesnt want to offend or leave his church. he said he deosnt feel like they are family. but he came this sunday to ours!! and everyone was so nice to him! so I think we made excellent progress with him! he is stellar I love him a lot. 

we gave a book of mormon to zz top

I got a free guitar. it only has three strings. I have been playing that a bit. like the mission song on it. 

I fixed two flat tires this week. one on my comps bike and the other on a sisters. I like stuff like that. I kinda wanna work at a bike shop when I get home. 

sad story. tortuga is a turrtle I named. tortuga is dead. we were driving to the church cause we were out of tp and we see a car pull over and move a turtle out of the way. so i was like cool. lets pick him up on the way home! so on the way back he was back in the road. so we pull over and I walk over to pick him up, and he had been nicked by a car. the side of his shell was broken and he was bleeding and was obviously going to die. so we were like "oh no!" what do we do? we decided to put him out of his misery... so we put him in the middle of the road and went around to hit him. hoping that someone else would do the dirty work. but alas. they all dodged him. so it had to be us. we hit him and he broke and me and my comp were like "oh no!" so sad! it was tragic. 

on a brighter note I love you more than tortuga!

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