Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Giant Spider Named Jeremy

Letter from August 18

Well this week was full of emotion. from creepy, then happy, to sad, then sadder, then joyful about to burst happy, then sad. let me explain... Jeremy. jeremy is this freaking huge spider I caught. way bigger than a silver dollar. yellow and black big spider. likes to spin web and eat things. and he's a mormon. 

it all started when I was at someones house and my comp was doing a baptismal interview and I was telling a story about chicken when I saw it. a big spider in the middle of the web. my story went sorta like this: "so they gave us this chickens with HOLY COW LOOK AT THAT SPIDER!" and that is the creepy part. so let me tell you the happy part. I caught him. in a water bottle. it took a while but me and my comp caught him. 

we pinned him down with four sticks then i put the bottle next to him and we scooped him into it. he didn't fit too well. it probably hurt so that is too bad. then I biked around emporia for about 2 hours with him on my bike! and i named him Jeremy. and I was super happy to have a friend. I think I heard him sing "you got a friend in me" at some point. 

now I got sad afterwards. because I got home and moved him to a milk jug. I pinned up a picture of a temple next to him and wrote jeremys goal, but I felt bad. he had a pretty rough life in there. can't even see through the walls. and no food. so I was sad. I was sooo sad. so I released him. I lost my friend. that is the even sadder part. I let him go in the bushes out side our apartment :(. 

but there is a happy ending!! the next day I went out and lo and behold, he had made a web in the bush! I was so happy to have a friend that I didn't feel like I was imprisoning. every night before bed i would go outside and play him a song on the crappy guitar in our apartment! then not a happy ending.... last night was a rainy and thundery. and I woke up and he was gone. either the wind blew him away or he packed up and moved. so i am sad. hopefully the wind just broke his web and he will make another soon. and that is my story. 

there was someone this week that we talked to, that did not believe we were christians. he believed the internet over what missionaries for that church said. I know that jesus Christ is the savior of the world. the son of God. and nobody telling me that I don't will change my mind. I know that the book of mormon is a blue and true book. I hope y'all and great week! love you!

love you more than Jeremy :)

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