Monday, July 21, 2014

Missions are the Best (and Black Widow)

(Letter from July 7)

My companion wrote a new song this week. in the chorus he sings about how the KWM (kansas wichita mission) is the best. and coming on the mission is the best decision! I can certainly attest to that. I love it so much. I am going to ramble about that again this email, so if you get sick of reading that then dont read it :) 

Before I came out on the mission I thought I had a pretty decent life. I never really realized just how blessed I was. I will not ever regret coming out. Everything will still be there when I get back. Except maybe Maddie and Wes, I got some sort of going away party invitation from Uncle Ross. But I will be able to listen to that weirdo fox song from Norway when I get home. And can watch that weirdo movie about not being cold (the cold never bothered her anyway) and building snowmen when I get home. 

But know what, I will not be able to learn what I have at home. I would have continued on my merry way doing nothing with my life. I repeat the words of Jacob Osborn when he said, the lessons learned on a mission are lifelong! I have been able to see a big difference in me also since I have been gone! I love it! Not being gone, but the mission. I will be so grateful for this in the future. College can wait. 

If by chance anyone that does read this is going on a mission soon or trying to decide if they should, do it! it will be a blessing that you will love. It is a lot of work. You wake up at 6:30 e'eryday and go to work. I bike mucho miles every day in 100 degrees, and it is freaking humid here. I heard it is more humid here than texas. From people that lived in texas and served missions there. So I can get a little sweaty at times.... *cough* but I love it so much. It is totes worth it. Totes cray cray, but totes worth. 

What my companion also sang about is praying about it. You can get an answer and know what to do. And then follow it and be happy! Every body wants to be happy, and sharing the gospel makes you happy and others! Which in turn makes you happy! 

And due to popular demand, my mom asked me, I should answer the question "what it means to me to serve and teach in the saviors name and be a missionary" paraphrased. But it is wonderful. As stated before, not a better place to be than out serving my Lord and my God. The Savior suffered and died for the people of Kansas. 

"They say the worth of souls is great in the sight of God, but really, it is the life God." That puts it in better words than I could. When Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemane it was not an instant giant mound of sin and pains that he felt. It took him hours where he suffered and died for us personally. For me. He spent the time suffering for me, and for my dear Brother Stuart. Spent the time bleeding from every pore for him. And for Jacob and Maren. (I am not trying to call them repentance or something just to clarify. I was just trying to apply it. So I used my siblings. I love them a lot and think they are wonderful.) 

But he HAD to have been prepared for that. Not just emotionally and spiritually, but physically. That pain is beyond what any human could endure. A drop of blood through a pore is a basketball through a garden hose, and that was going on all over his body. The Atonement is so real and the way to know that is to pray and apply it to yourself. I am out here to share it with others. 

In lighter news I got a cup with Black Widow on it from the avengers... and Man Scarlet Johanson is mighty fine! She pulls of that age quite nicely if I do say so myself! 

Anyone have any good advice or lines? send here:

And my bite is doing a lot better

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