Monday, June 30, 2014

Spider Bite! WARNING: This post is not for the faint hearted

Ya, last week i ran out of time.... Bummer. I had less than an hour. So ya that stank. I didn't get to email dad cause it kicked me off. sorry dad. but ya I got a bite.  

I noticed it monday night. and but tuesday it was this. the black sharpie is the outline of the infection. it is hard to see in the camera

next day it was this, that is one day later.

here it is draining this morning

also this one

and that is my bug bite :) enjoy

and other than that, not much happened. I was on the couch a lot of the time, I couldn't really walk, whenever I did, it was really slow and funky looking. and having to go to the bathroom during the night was the worst. it hadn't moved for a while, so when I would stand up it would hurt really bad, then the blood would rush to it. and it would hurt even worse.... muy malo. 

[Side note from mom: he did go to the doctor with this. I know because I got a call from the doctor's office asking for insurance information.]

Isaac is going to get baptized soon! this saturday!! how exciting is that? he is wonderful! he is Jamaican from england! wow! I am excited for him!! It reminds me of about a month ago, when Cheryl was baptized!! that was so great!! ya, and they just took elders out of valley center, so hopefully things keep going well there. 

anyways, love you tons!! more than spiders!! and cellulitis infection!


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