Monday, June 30, 2014

A Baptism is Scheduled (Letter from June 2)

Man, England was so fun! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone there! and I hope you are enjoying it also!

Well I am writing today because the library was closed on Monday. So here I am. but monday was awesome. we didnt have to email on that day so we went to a members house, the Mocks, and did our laundry and played cards and farkle with brother mock for about 3 hours. then we went to the sisters house with their members and played pokemon, a horse game, and scum for the rest of the time. it was so fun! also not much has happened cool stories wise. sorry team. but the hutch sisters moved yesterday so we helped them move, and our sisters are moving tomorrow so we are going to help with that again!!

Good news!! Cheryl is getting baptized on saturday!! this is my third! and saturday will be such a wonderful day for her! it is wonderful to see how happy people are when they follow the commandments and serve others and the lord! and now because Cheryl kept her commitments, reads the scriptures and comes to chruch, she will be able to experience one of the happiest things this saturday the 31st.

I am on exchanges with Elder Banderas. he is from equador. not mexico. if you call him mexican he gets so mad! he will want to punch you and hit you. and wrestle you! so you better well walk softly stranger. but he is so fun! I love him a lot! and he speaks spanish. so i can sorta talk to him in spanish. I have really bad spanish.

well I hope you guys have fun in england. party hardy! love you!

Our District

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