Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Is His Obsession with Possums?!

oh here I go again
writing a letter to my family
I cannot remember
this past week, but I will try and write it more.

My adaption of that song.  

However there is no news from the Mark. I did buy some Christmas lights, I am going to catch a possum and decorate for the family that I live with for Christmas. I hope they like it, they have possums here, I sent a picture the one who was chasing me... He bit my shoe, three times.

But this week we put someone on date for the 24th of December. But he has a smoking problem so hopefully he will stop tomorrow, because He cant for two weeks before his baptism. His name is Forest, so please pray for him, so he won't want to smoke. He knows it's true, loves reading the BofM but cant stop smoking.

We had two investigators at church this week, both home schooled and dont get out much. It was so funny, they are 12 and 15 and they dont have social skills, it was so so funny. We were introducing ourselves at young mens and they took 10 minutes to do that. They're awesome, Daren and Kyle, I love them they are so funny. The mom is doing pretty good also there, she is listening to the book of mormon online, she is in chapter eight. Hopefully that keeps going well.

And that about wraps up this week. But next week:

I will be going back to Manhattan for a Christmas party! That is were I was born, in the mission! And me and my comp, Elder T from my last district, , and his comp get to go back early in the day to help set up, so that is a whole day in wonderful Manhattan! 

I love you more than I love possums, even with Christmas lights on them.

[The link in Brady's letter leads to a great news segment about Elder Talauega's decision to serve a mission. He's from American Samoa and lived in Brady's apartment in his first area. Brady really likes him.] 

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