Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bad Jokes, More Possums, and Silly Pets

This week I broke my ankle... just kidding. I couldn't decide how to start this letter so I started with a lie. Missionary like, yeah?

Well this week was good. We have a bap on saturday, this time for sure. My second so far then. She is Kristi. I dont really know much about her. I just got here. 

But his week was cold. everyday was below freezing. One was about 18. Right now it is 31 and I forgot my jacket at home. (Burlington.) I have that nice one from dad and a member gave me less nice one for everything else. I forgot them both. Walking around in the cold. 

We had some good lessons. Lots of less actives here are getting better. Our investigators are alright. One family we we're meeting with is a dad and a boy. Dad left church after he got divorced and boy hasnt been in 7 years. The dad doesnt really take us seriously and keeps making jokes the whole time. Kinda hard to teach with him, the son is really good. Asks lots of good questions that we can then expound on. This last lesson, the dad got a phone call and had to leave, and we had a really good 2 on 1 talk with son. It was really good. Spirit was strong and he said he would come to church on Sunday. But unfortunately, he got called into work. 

That package saved me. I was almost out of Zyrtec. I had two more.  The members we live with have about 5 cats. And two awesome dogs. And two possums that come every night. One is bigger and passive. I could easily catch him again. And the other is little and rude. He chases me and bit my shoes and everything. I want to catch him, but I dont think I will... one of the dogs is a husky. She is so fun. Loves to play chase and run and run and run. But she is super obedient and loves to snuggle. One of the cats, Meriska, doesnt like to play chase. She is a kitten. I always say her name like the vampires in van helsing. Then I chase her. I usually beat her eventually. She slips on the wood a lot. I love chasing her. She doesn't.

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