Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Area: Burlington, and More Problems with Pants

I don't have time again, sorry, we are mailing from the church lab and there are only two computers.

This week was good. We had a baptism, photos to come later. But the story of this week is one of destruction, and a deer. After the baptism, the Emporia elders were driving home... and hit a deer, going 55 mph.

They called us to go pick them up and then we drove down and then saw the car. It was destroyed, photos to come later, and the side panel on the front was destroyed. We looked at the deer and it just looked like it needed a combover and it would be good. But the best part was when the cop asked us if we want the deer, we said no then he radioed in "anyone on the roadkill list for a deer?" They have a roadkill list!?! So awesome! People can sign up and get the roadkill and eat it!  So cool! I promise I will be more assertive next week making sure I have more time. Love you, and I didnt even get to email dad or anyone else.

Con amor, Elder Daines

I got more time so I am writing more, the come back time. But I have been thinking about what I want for Christmas, and I was thinking just like pants, I ripped another pair, and ties. And music.

My new area is burlington. It is super small. We live with members and they are cool. 

I dont know if I said this yet, but in my last area, everyone was in the military, the jobs I heard were: tank driver, demolitions, and all types of military jobs. Now it is all in a nuclear power plant. I hear, crane worker, operations and stuff like that now. Burlington is super small, by the way. 30 minutes to walk across the entire town. 1 and a half hours away from Topeka, which is the zone I am in, so lots of driving for stake conference and training and stuff.
One thing I have been working on recently is being more bold in my teaching. Like if they don't agree with something, going straight out and saying it. For example, if they dont believe in the book of mormon I would have said, "Moroni, a writer in the book said that...", now I have been saying "Moroni, a prophet of God wrote that..." Get the picture? We had a training from the APs and president about that.

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