Monday, January 27, 2014

Mum's the Word on the Super Bowl

I learned this week that Lindsey Stirling served a mission in NYC. pretty cool huh! But this week was good. Housetons are gold like unto the plates. They came to church again. We had 10 investigators there this week, 9 last week. But thanks for the packages. I bet he will like them! When I was with him he got his first package in his mission--from his uncle in Texas for his birthday, so I think he will like it a lot!

Where is Nick going! That is pretty cool! I hope he loves it, if he works hard he will.
Not much happened this week. Someone backed up into their own mailbox when we were accross the street. Talked to a traveling therapist about how in Australia there are 9 women to 1 man, so they do a lot more down there. Try to keep with them. Talked about how that would be nice. He had a fat dog that traveled the world with, his name was Marco Polo. I thought that was really funny!!

The Housetons feel the spirit so strongly during sacrement. It is cool! They are fun

And that is about all there is! Sorry this is kind of boring one....

But this is very important!!! IF THE SEAHAWKS LOSE THE SUPERBOWL, I AM TO RECIEVE ZERO INFO ABOUT IT!! IF ANYONE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT, I WILL NOT REPLY TO YOU!! I will however accept funny commercials from it. Please do that.

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