Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alive and in Kansas

Pues, I am in kasas now. It is indeed hot and humid. But it is awesome. We have a car and we can alternate each week having it with some sisters. I like it though. 

My comp is a native spanish speaker from mexico. He is awesome. So the missionaries that I spend most time with are my comp, who works out hard and has great muscles. Then two other Polys: Samoan, and Samoan/Hawaiian. They both played rugby and are huge. I look super small next to these guys strength wise. I am the tallest but by far the weakest. 

I am learning spanish and it is getting better. I had a hard time in church, it was in spanish. I almost fell asleep many times. But I made it!! There are some awesome families here. And unfortunately, I am having a little bit of a difficult time readjusting food wise. My stomach doesnt like it. 

And if you want to send stuff, you have to send it to the mission home. Use priority mail or something. That we they readdress it and send it out fast. If you don't, I wont get it for a month or two, and don't use like ups or fed ex.
love you all! peace
                -Elder Daines

One more thing:  For p-day today we are going up to Manhattan and playing nerf in the church then basketball. I am very excited. I will miss greatly the daily soccer with latinos though. Love you. Wish Maren happy birthday for me. I will send some letters soon. I have presents for the boys. Sorry. In the missionary store in Mexico there isn't anything really, except food, ties and a few other pieces of junk. I got one for Maren.

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