Monday, October 14, 2013

His New Satchel Saves the Day

Well this week was rad. Get it? First off that package arrived perfectly! It [a new satchel] is waterproof and it saved four Book of Mormons! That day I would have used my backpack, but that arrived so I didnt, later when we were biking it started to rain... 70 degree sideways rain. And my pack [the new satchel] was dry inside!! Awesome. 

Conference was good, lots about family, it was awesome. I dont have lots of time for writing right now but I will try to go fast. We put two people on date this week it is good. One is awesome, totally prepared. The other lives with a member family and is like the dad for them.  Super awesome lessons with them. 

I miss conference with you guys, not as good. I bought lots of candy for it and used 70 dollars of my 150 a month on it. Then didnt get to eat it cause we watched it in the church... estoy triste... anyways in conclusion, the package was so awesome thanks so so much. Love you, I now have MoTab Showtime, Alex Boye Spirit, Piano Guys one and two, Essential Missionary collection, and David Arch. The last one was so good, great idea mom, love you so much!!

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  1. Haha I LOVE Brady! I can't think of a funner companion for a missionary to have than Elder Daines!
    Also, I love these post titles(:


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