Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In Which Brady Wrangles a Possum

Before I forget I need to answer your questions: I will not be transferred. We are staying. Yay. Thanks for sending, I am very excited! I will love to smell that Thorin hair, I miss that little buddy.

I keep forgeting my camera so I cant send pictures. But me and my comp caught a possum! Awesome! It was smelly and after a while it just started playing dead. Loved it. 

Also I had to give a talk this week, no bueno. No se como compartir un mensaje en espanol... I found a book of the hungry catipillar in the nursey and sort of translated that into spanish for them, then compared it to repentence. Everybody laughed...at me and my spanish. 

But this week we had a really good lesson with someone that is taking a while--her name is Marjen--about baptism. It was good. But she is also attending another church and they are pushing her to be baptised also. Right now she is listing towards the other because she identifies well with the music in that church. I feel like we can get her though.  

Also on thursday, three days before the baptism, the branch pres called us and told us he wanted to push back the baptism so he moved it back three weeks, lame. But nothing we can do. Hope it gets better soon.
Thanks so much, and other than that not much happened this week. A lot of service and possum snatchin'.

Also I forgot to tell you I went to a setting apart for a missionary this week. It was awesome and great. The stake president looks like a pirate.

Also the possum pooped in the towel we were holding it in. We didnt notice, but God watches his children. We miraculously had the sheet there when he pooped. We spent a lot of time just holding it without the sheet and it didnt poop there.

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