Sunday, November 10, 2013

Better Than Cow Tippin' (Pictures Included!)

*Note: Aside from all of this cow excitement, he did have a baptism last week. 

This week wast the best ever! Once in a lifetime opportunity!! More to come on that later

This week's letter will be done day by day, starting on tuesday! VAMANOS

Tuesday: normal

Wednesday: during the correlation meeting, we were stuck on the bottom of town on bikes, so we called someone to pick us up

Thursday: Manhattan day, with the college. but we had to go on exchanges because we had two dinners, so we split up and I got stuck in English and on the edge of town away from the college.

Friday: Best ever. We woke up at 6 in the manana and went to mcdonalds for breakfast. Then at the church we got a ride to a farm and did service there, bahaha. ...cow service... We waited while the ranchers went and got all the cows together in one of those little metal places, you know what I am talking about, they are all over in Montana. One right by the corner where the jeep road goes onto normal road and the road goes in a sort of s shape. 

I went undercover in the middle of the cows. They noticed I wasnt a cow fairly quickly and ran away. I chased groups of them into a corral, where me and the rancher chased big ones away and put calves in another part. From there we put close to 30 calves in a little cage and me, two somoans and a rancher kid would push these baby cows that weighed over 240 pounds of muscle and loved to kick into a little pathway, lets pause in the story really quick to talk about this a little bit more. In the cage was awesome. The cows had poop all over them from the bigger cows and were fat and loved stepping on our feet. 

The best way to get them into the straight and narrow path was through baptism. Just kidding. It was to put them in a headlock and carry the head forward and someone else push in the behind and then you drop the head next to the entrance and four people push and kick the cow. 

To continue from the straight and narrow, the cows would get pushed through to the end where there was a machine that grabbed their heads so they couldnt move and then some one would give them two massive shots, stick a tag in their ear, one of those big white piercings that lots have, and then someone would castrate them. Yay.

But it gets better. There were some stubborn cows, but the cows were out in the field. Horsemen would go and lasso the cows and drag them, then we would go, they taught us how to tackle cows and we would then take them out. Two people will hold the cow while others did the things aforementioned. Pictures of that to come next week

Saturday: normal

Sunday normal.


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  1. I did not know that the straight and narrow way led to castration. Had I known earlier, I would have certainly chosen a big and spacious building.


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