Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Week in Mexico

To who it may concern:
I hope they have pizza also.... they do have that arizona drink here for only 10 pesos.

My pday is on tuesday, and so today we went to the mexico temple. It was lots of fun. But I will start from the beginning of my first week.
Tuesday, we got here late, you already know that. 10:30 Wednesday I woke up. Elder Crook is my companion. He is a person. And he is very in tune with the spirit. Also he keeps a layer of spit on his lips. But he is a nice kid, plays baseball and stuff, lots of fun. My dorm mates are Butterfield and Slavens.  Butterfield has blond hair, went to USU like Stu and loves it there. He's in the swing-dance club. Also in tune with the spirit, and nice. 

Slavens is awesome. He has great t shirts during gym time. We also watched a lot of the same shows, and played the same games. He is also awesome. We really lucked out and got an awesom3 dorm team. Don't fix that 3. We also have two latino people in there. They only speak spanish. Lucky Butterfield took 3 years of spanish, Slavens took 5. So we can communicate. We taught them to pray in english. 

The first day though, it was hot hot hot. We were wandering around for an hour so super parched and trying to find water. It was funny, had to be there though. Later we went to our classroom and met our district. Our district is seriously the coolest. Everyone in there is super funny and awesome. We have two hermanas in there, Tollman from Cali to Utah, and Vance, from Utah to Hondoras. Then Elder Budge, Utah to Kansas, his companion Jones from Idaho to Kansas. then Packard who is super awesome. He played soccer on a high level and lived in the Caribbean for a while, and his companion Elder Carlson. Both to Kansas. We have the best district.
Our worst fears have been realized.... the food is very dangerous. From soggy tortilla chips, to corndog for breakfast, to gross hotdog soup, to cordon bleu, which was very good.
The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days, I now understand that expression. It is very good, but is starting to blur together. Everyday is about the same, me and my campanion have been teaching an investigator (actor)....... in spanish. Both of us never knew any spanish before we came here. So that is difficult, but it is cool to see how fast we can progress our language skills. Both of us are learning so fast. We have a good time here. Also the buildings are awesome, they just stack and stack. I can send a picture soon. 

Adios. I hope you have a good one.
post script: Sunday, was awesome. We were going pretty normal and by the end of the day my camp had a migraine. so I gave my very first blessing. It was cool. Then we went and watched the Testament video with the Nephites and Jesus crossover. At the end the spirit was so strong, it was so cool. After that we went to our dorm and Butterfield shared a little of the poem called A Missionary's Prayer, if you don't know it, look it up. Then to conclude my day, I read Isaiah 53. mucho bueno.

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