Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Halfway Done

[We didn't get a proper letter from Brady this week, just some email snippets as we emailed back and forth in real time. Here are a few of his thoughts.]

I am half way done. Not much has changed though...

We play frisbee on sunny days. And I saw me amigo Grant Owen. The food has been a lot better since he got here. Unlimited fruitloops now!! So thats a score. And my friend swallowed a big copper coin on accident. Kind of funny. Thats about it.

There isn´t really much to tell. Everything is the same. My friend is waiting for him to poop out the coin because it is a special one from the 1700s. I can't send pictures right now, I dont have my camera. So probably next week.

I am happy. The mtc is fine, my campanion is great, and very in tune with the spirit. 

We are teaching two investigators, Isai and Louis. Isai said he would be baptised first lesson, now his family isnt happy. Next is Louis, he is going fine. Like a normal investigator.  My schedule is I wake up, go to breakfast, study language and teaching, lunch, more language and teaching, then dinner, study, gym, then bed. 5 days a week. Sundays we go to church, then study, then a devotional, then a movie, like Legacy or The Testaments.  P-day we do what we want. Until 7:30 and watch a movie. 

Spanish is fine, I am slowley cacthing on. Grant says hi. I love you, my testimony is getting stronger. I really like isaiah 53.

How about this Holland quote:
"I ask that my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that it implies, given today under my own oath and office, be recorded by men on earth and angels in heaven. I hope I have a few years left in my “last days,” but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days."

I have to go now. Thanks so much! Love you!

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