Friday, September 13, 2013

In which Brady commits to writing better letters and calls on (all) his family (by name) for help

After reading part of one of Jacob's [Osborn] letters I have decided to make my letters better. They are boring. So, first on the agenda, the oath. I Brady, do solemnly swear, that I will write better letters and that I hate this keyboard. There see? Started already. 

But this week was good. We started teaching in Manhattan and Salina. The latter is out of our zone. But since we are spanish elders we get to go out there for that. Oh cool. Manhattan is awesome. K-state is there. Love it. The work is a lot of fun. And when it comes to email time I cant remember what I was going to write about. I can start keeping track in my planner. 

I got a k-state clock. I dont know if I told you but I burnt my hand. Also my letters might seem unorganized because I remember what to write while writing it. And I hate this keyboard so I don't want to fix it. But while we were cooking the pig I grabbed that bar that going in his mouth and out his rear and it was still above the fire. In that half second I cooked the outside of my hand. I love my ocarina and I love shopping in Walmart. Especially in the book and skin care sections because you can hear the music the best. Last time I heard In the Middle by Jimmie Eat World. Raddicuullll. One quick comment about your little call-signs at the end of the emails, dad, yours is good, mom, yours is redundant. I will have children also...I hope. 

Now I need some help from all of you folks at home. I need some recipes. My email is They need to be simple also. Right now my breakfast is cereal and a poptart. Lunch is some times top ramen, then hardboiled eggs and a poptart. If we come home for something in the afternoon I eat a pickle. And when we come home at night I eat a... take a guess... poptart! Seven days a week. No bueno. So starting this week we will have a compitition. Person who sends me a really good one will get a shout out in my next letter. 

People I expect an entry from for sure include, but are not limited too: Mom, Dad, Maren, Stuart, Michelle, Grandma, Grace, Krysti, Carley, Hannah, Emma, Nicko, Mckay, Jacob, Julianne, Maddie, Taylor, Covey, Rachel, Rob (uncle), other Grandma, Lauren, Paul, Elisa, another from Mom, Annie, Clara, Hitch, Kathryn, Natalie, Scotty, Luke, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo, Samwise (the dog), Samwise the real, and lord of lake town, and last and least Robert. just kidding, not least, love you Robert.

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