Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pants Problems

Well here goes week one of planner writing. Last time I said that I would write stuff down so I can remember. 

First up. From day one: pants. I really need some pants. All the pants I have are dry cleaned. One of them a sticker from a bush grabed it and tore the whole leg part in half. The other it riped in the middle, and the last is good. I have another nice one, but it is the blue nice suit that am not supposed to wear that much. So in conclusion of this topic, I have one pair of normal pants I can wear everyday that work. 

Next; stops. My comp is from mexico. They dont have street rules down there, so I sort of back seat drive a bit. He doesnt like it. He asked me not to help for a bit. In that twenty minute ride, he took two wrong exits and ran three stop signs, and almost tried to go through an army no through street. I stopped him on that one. I still do it now, much to his chagrin. 

Music; I really want a bit more if possible. Everything LDS artist or over 100 year old classical.  

Re emphasis on pants. and ties also, could you send me the rest of my ties? I dont know why I didnt take them all. 

And last and not least because it is awesome, sort of. There is this homeless lady who walks laps around the city. She has a beard. An actual beard, full out. Probably better than stuart could grow.

Shout out to ross who told me how to make toast, and Grace. And to Robby for sandwich! I am looking forward to trying those! Especially the toast. I have never had that yet. Mom also pulled through with some great ones.

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